pd (prettydark) wrote in wpg_polyamory,

First Community Post

Hi there, I'd like to welcome everyone to the community and invite anyone to post any introductions or questions they may have.

I'd like to keep this community free of personal ads, and will be working on the 'rules' and such soon. If you have any suggestions, I'd like to hear them, though I have a fair amount of moderation and maintenance experience. If anyone wants to post a personals ad, our darkawaii has started up a great resource, wpg_personals and I think that'd also be a great place to post personals.

I understand that introductions can seem very close to personal ads, but I'll trust everyone to use their judgement on that call for the time being. Please don't feel obliged to post an introduction, though since the community is so small, it might be nice to get to know everyone.

My name is Nuala, I'm 31 and the at-home parent to two children. I've been reading and learning about polyamory for a number of years now. I am in a long term committed partnership. My partner and I are poly. People who know me laugh when I say I'm shy, but I really am.

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